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Maes Hughes

Armed to the teeth... with pictures

Maes Hughes



September 24th, 2008

Not quite my intentions.

I know I wanted time off work to be with my family, but I'd prefer if it wasn't because my little girl caught whatever it was going around. I can't blame Breda, even if he was at the conference and should have known better, since he did come to play with her and that was a nice thing. I just wish Elysia wasn't sick. They keep bustling around, telling me not to worry, but I really can't help it.

So here I am in a hospital room, reading the same file for the fifteenth time and still it doesn't make sense.

Gracia will be back from getting dinner soon, then Daddy might take a nap...

August 6th, 2008

Work and fun

September 30th marks the end of the fiscal year for the government, and guess who has to record all the warrants that haven't been served? It's mostly domestic disputes, but there's one on my list that needs to be taken care of. And I'll be taking care of it personally, I think. So much paperwork, though! Daddy would rather be taking pictures of his darling than filling out forms about how deadbeat boyfriends left the state...

But it's not all paperwork! The Rock Band thing was fun. And I found out some fantastic news! I can succeed at playing Cupid! And I also found out not to mention this to Gracia. I hate sleeping on the couch. I wasn't meddling. Much.

Hm. I need to find a babysitter for tomorrow night...

Saturday evening should be interesting.

July 7th, 2008

Elysia's favorite Disney character used to be Goofy, but after the cruise, it's Tigger. She spent every day bouncing and doing her best impression of him! And thankfully for Mommy and Daddy, this meant she slept like a rock every single night!

The pool was fantastic, the shows were excellent, and there was too much food. Nobody tell Bradley, but I'm thinking of avoiding my desk for about a week and doing some streetwork to work some of this off. I'm not just avoiding the pile of paperwork I know is on my desk. Not in the least.

I should get more active after work as well. Elysia has playdates, Gracia is starting a pottery class. I need to pick up something.

I heard a rumor we have a new officer? This is good news if it's true!

And, of course... I have pictures from the cruise, and other various shots of Elysia! You know where to find me if you want to see them, and you know you do!

May 30th, 2008

Dealing with city issues

oh really?
Havoc, it's good to see you back.

Itachi, I'd like to talk to you, when you have a chance, please.

There is one thing this city needs to remember. When you commit a crime to stop a criminal, you yourself become one as well.

//Private - Unhackable to Havoc, Sasuke, Cissnei//Collapse )

[[ooc: statement about the police and media greenlighted by Jill-mod]]

May 22nd, 2008

Small joys

I love stupid criminals. They make my day easier. Like the ones who punch in a window with a bare fist and then wind up calling 911 themselves because they've lost a lot of blood.

Gracia made blueberry pancakes this morning, and blueberry syrup, and Elysia help set the table.

And Bradley even joined in and granted a favor.

I think I liked today.

private to SasukeCollapse )

May 13th, 2008

Holding the fort

So of the people currently not assigned elsewhere, Havoc's off visiting somewhere, Cissnei's got a relative in town, and Sasuke had to go somewhere. This leaves... me and Kankuro. I'm getting the feeling we're understaffed.

There's Ed in the crime lab too... Ed! How have you been? Did you and your visitor want to come over for dinner? Or we could give him a tour of the department? Emil seems like a very nice young man.

I have pictures from our zoo trip! Here's Elysia playing around. There's a lot more, but I'll spare those who don't want to see it.

Cissnei, I hope your cousin's visit went well. Havoc, I hope whatever you're doing went well. Sasuke, the same.

Back to the cases for me. At least we wrapped up the two robberies quickly. Granted, the one kid was an idiot. Asking for the cashier's phone number, and then calling her and arranging for a date? The cashier is still laughing.

Private/Unhackable to selfCollapse )

April 26th, 2008

That's better.

I needed those days to recharge, I think. I'm glad I took them. I have new pictures, too, now! We took Elysia to the zoo, and she was pretending to be all of the animals! She's adorable!

Maybe I'm not the world's best police officer, but I can try to be the world's best daddy. :D

Cissnei, let me know when you'd like to have dinner with us!

Sasuke, how is everything going?

April 19th, 2008

I was... tagged?

I look forward to seeing the pictures, Orihime.

Quirks and drinkCollapse )

April 16th, 2008

Public Service Announcement

oh really?
I will admit that the police department is under a heavy load at the moment. However, our motivations are clear - to protect and serve.

Therefore, if you see anything suspicious in this city, kindly contact an officer of the law.

One can only wonder what others' motivations might be. Like covering up evidence? Or perhaps revenge for something else.

There's a reason as to why the police exist, instead of the public relying on corporate security and vendettas. We deal with the law.

Kindly remember your place, Electric Company.

[[OOC: Strikes unhackable]]

April 13th, 2008

From the bench

... I think I'm going to ask the courts to come up with an actual crime name and punishment for baby-swapping. It's pretty tiresome when some new crime just doesn't fit...

Private to all San Francisco Police Department EmployeesCollapse )
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